Four Phases of Retirement: Pre-retirement

The first phase of retirement is Pre-retirement:

Pre-retirement is that time period when you begin to take a look at slowing down and begin to plan your life after your career. This is the time you should ask yourself how much money you will need and how you can make the most of your retirement. As a starting point, most experts suggest that you will not need your full earnings to carry you through retirement but a high percentage of it. Obviously, the percentage is higher if you earn less, and can be lower if you earn more. Although everyone’s situation is different, one of the keys to success is to consider preparing an active budget of your expected expenses in retirement. You can then review how much you have saved and invested to meet your unique situation.

Remember, most people in retirement pare back certain expenses like commuting costs and clothes that are required for work. However, some incur additional expenses such as health care. It is crucial in this phase that you map out what you want your retirement to look like and how and where you expect to live so that you can begin to plan for life after your career has ended. This time period is also helpful to think about setting some goals you can stick to and monitor your cash flow.

Our role at the MFS Group is to help and assist you through each stage of your retirement. We take great pride and satisfaction in reviewing each of our client’s individual situations and needs. Our goal is to fully understand and review your retirement and estate planning needs.

We hope you return the next three weeks to read further about the four phases of retirement.