Change is good! Two announcements from WFP.

Westfield Financial Planning is pleased to announce we have become an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and we have a new custodian, TD Ameritrade.

One of our commitments at Westfield Financial Planning is to provide our clients with outstanding and always improving service. To achieve this, we have been adding and upgrading the services we provide every year. Last year, we introduced new and improved performance reporting. This year, we added our new client portal, My Wealth Hub, which combines investment and financial planning and is accessible on our website.

After much research we determined to upgrade our institutional custodian partner to TD Ameritrade, as our new client custodian. It has the best technology, the best people and the commitment we are looking for to support client focused firms like ours.

The new relationship with TD Ameritrade includes an immediate upgrade of services including: better technology, improved customer services, improved service backup capability, reduced transaction costs and reduced or eliminated miscellaneous charges.

Westfield Financial Planning is now an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Previously, we operated as both a “Representative” of Kestra’s RIA and as a broker with Kestra’s broker-dealer. This arrangement no longer makes sense as we will exclusively work as a RIA and therefore operate under a fiduciary standard of care for our clients. As a fiduciary, it is required in a court of law to always put the client’s interests first.

Our RIA structure ensures that we are acting as a fiduciary and have our clients as our first priority. The new custodial relationship with TD Ameritrade adds new technology, more and better services and with lower costs. Be assured that our clients come first at WFP and we are making this difficult change to ensure that remains the case.

Thank you to our clients who believe in us and we look forward to servicing you in the future.

If you are not a client, we believe it is important to get a “second opinion” to help you determine whether your needs and your current financial planer’s approach are aligned. There are many benefits to getting a second opinion. A second opinion can help:

• Provide another perspective to your portfolio. This is especially helpful in complex situations where multiple financial issues are at play.

• Give you more knowledge about the different approaches available.

• Help increase your confidence by helping you to make more informed decisions.

Please give us a call to schedule a no obligation “second opinion” personal financial analysis. You can be confident that you’ll receive straight-forward advice based on your needs. To schedule this analysis, please call us at (908) 379-2706.